60 Minutes October 11

60 Minutes October 11

This Weekend 60 Minutes looks at shark attacks, whether kids need homework and Cold Chisel.

Shark Alarm

There’s no doubt about it, sharks are attacking humans at the highest rate in recorded history. As the shark culling debate rages, the warmer waters are bringing the ocean’s most feared predators closer to shore. What to do about the growing number of shark attacks is confounding marine experts and governments. Protect the sharks? Or protect us? Shark attack victim Sean Pollard doesn’t waste time on the politics of the debate – it’s just too raw for him, because 12 months ago he looked a Great White Shark in the eye as it took his left arm, right hand and almost his life. Sean’s battle has been worse than anyone could imagine, not helped by the constant spate of shark attacks. This week on 60 Minutes, Michael Usher follows his remarkable progress, as his mates help him back into the water, and onto his board.

Reporter: Michael Usher  Producer: Garry McNab

No Homework

As students start the grind of the final term of the school year there is something that needs to be discussed: homework. It’s a chore for both kids and their parents. Most children only do it because teachers set it, believing it’s good for their education. Now, new research says – for primary school kids at least – homework has no impact on academic results. In fact, young kids would be better off flexing their muscles rather than bending their brains. And that means there’s a whole new breed of parents saying “NO” to homework.

Reporter: Charles Wooley    Producer: Jo Townsend

Cold Chisel

Cold Chisel are Australia’s favourite rock band. Formed in Adelaide in 1973, they are responsible for creating a hard-rocking pub sound that continues to influence bands to this day. While it has been 30 years since they officially called it quits, Chisel never really left us. And as Liz Hayes discovers, the sense of brotherhood that inspired their music all those years ago is just as strong today.

Reporter: Liz Hayes Producer: Steven Burling

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