60 Minutes November 2

60 Minutes November 2

60 Minutes this week has three stories for our viewing pleasure.

Who Killed Irma?

This Sunday, a murder mystery like no other. Two apparently unrelated crimes, 11 years apart. One is a relatively harmless teenage prank. The other a cowardly murder of a Canberra grandmother. 72 year old Irma Palacsics was bashed and murdered in her own home in 1999.  Fifteen years on, the killers probably thought they’d got away with it, but a recent break-in at a local “pitch and putt”, has this cold case warming up. Extraordinary new forensic science has linked the two crimes and, now, a son is about to betray his killer father.

Reporter: Charles Wooley    

Producer: Laura Sparkes

Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl has to be the nicest guy in rock and roll. He’s the front man for Foo Fighters – one of the most successful bands in music history. He’s also a middle aged suburban dad with three beautiful daughters. Now, Foo Fighters are about to release their 8th studio album, Sonic Highways. And Dave, who’s worth a cool $200 million, is riding high. He showed Allison Langdon around his studio, his cars, his hometown and tells stories about Coldplay, Prince Harry, Nirvana and being busted in Australia. Be warned: he’s got a wicked sense of humour and he swears like a trooper.

Reporter: Allison Langdon

Producer: Stephen Rice

Tommy and Nathan

On Tuesday, Australia will again stop everything for the Melbourne Cup as 24 horses and jockeys thunder around Flemington. Of course, winning The Cup is the pinnacle of any racing career.  And this year, no jockey wants it more than Tommy Berry. But he doesn’t want victory for himself. Tommy is riding for his identical twin brother Nathan, who died earlier this year from an acute form of epilepsy. Nathan was also a jockey and, come Tuesday afternoon, Tommy says they’ll be together in the saddle riding for Cup glory.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Nick Greenaway

 7:30 PM Sunday on Nine