60 Minutes May 24

60 Minutes May 24

This week 60 Minutes has the dark side of the internet, a look at the floods in 2011 and North Korea.

The Paedophile Hunter
How would you know if your children are being groomed online? Preying on kids has exploded in the digital age as social media makes targeting victims chillingly easy for paedophiles. Their false identities and shifting online profiles mean police face an almost impossible task to catch them. The statistics are frightening. But now vigilantes are using the paedophiles’ own techniques against them. Leading the chase are people like Stinson Hunter, the Paedophile Hunter. This Sunday, Allison Langdon joins Stinson on the hunt for paedophiles and while the ethics are questionable, the results are undeniable.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Steven Burling

The Missing Hour
12 people died in Grantham, Queensland when devastating floods tore through the town in January 2011. Dozens more people clung to their roofs, or were swept away before being rescued by helicopter. Locals have always maintained that a wall of water, which they describe as a monster, hit them with devastating impact and no warning. The only thing that could have caused that wall of water, was the collapse of a quarry wall, owned by one of Australia’s wealthiest families. But no one has believed the locals, and they were ignored by the first commission of inquiry. This Sunday, reporter Michael Usher goes back to Grantham and 60 Minutes will reveal the key evidence towards solving the mystery of this catastrophic event.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Jo Townsend

North Korea
North Korea is the world’s last belligerent stronghold for old-style communism. Led by Kim Jong-un, it remains a secretive and seemingly trigger-happy regime that makes it next to impossible for western media outlets to visit. Nine News Europe Correspondent Tom Steinfort was invited inside North Korea for a rare state guided tour of this bizarre state. He was tracked, watched, and likely listened to, as he was given the propaganda tour, and introduced to dozens of “happy” North Koreans. All the while, a strange foreigner did his best to sell the “benefits” of North Korea.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producer: Stephen Taylor

8:30 PM Sunday on Nine.



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