60 Minutes May 15

60 Minutes May 15

60 Minutes this weekend has three stories to talk about.

Made in Mexico
It’s the biggest gamble childless couples wanting to experience the wonder of parenthood can take: the decision to venture down the complicated and all too often corrupted path of commercial surrogacy. In Australia, paying someone to carry a baby for you is illegal, but it’s a different story in countries like Mexico where laws are open to greater interpretation. There, making babies has become a big but very risky business. David and Nicky Beard were so desperate to become dads they paid a huge amount of money to a baby broker in Mexico. What should have been the happiest time of their lives became a Mexican stand-off as these new dads faced coming home without their newborn babies.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau

Boy Oh Boy
These days we should probably be calling Boy George Man George because he’s now been wowing – and wooing – his adoring fans for more than three decades. His is a singing and performing career which has soared to the dizzying heights of number one hit records and never-ending radio airplay. Boy George has also had some stumbles along the way, but hey, what pop star hasn’t made headlines for the all the wrong reasons? Now he’s getting the old band, Culture Club, back together for a worldwide tour that will start in one of his favourite countries, Australia.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Gareth Harvey

Richard Carleton
It still seems like only yesterday, but this week actually marks ten years since former 60 Minutes reporter Richard Carleton died. Carleton was an icon of TV reporting in this country, and will always be remembered for his brilliant and provocative interviews. He took no prisoners, and many a politician, thug or dictator withered after a Carleton grilling. He died suddenly while on assignment in Tasmania, just a few minutes after filing his report on the Beaconsfield mine disaster, and this Sunday we look back at his unique and memorable career.
Producer: Howard Sacre

Sunday at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.