60 Minutes March 3

Ray Martin talks to Clive Palmer about his bold plans for Titanic Two, There is a debate on circumcision and a trip to Africa

Titanic Clive
Mention the name Clive Palmer and everything that comes to mind is BIG. Big money. Big ideas. Big opinions. One of Australia’s richest men – he’s also one of the most outspoken. But what he loves even more than a good stoush – is a grand idea. His latest is titanic. Titanic Two. To be precise. You see, he’s building an updated, near-perfect, replica of the legendary luxury cruiseliner that sank 100 years ago. Clive doesn’t know what it will cost and in typical Clive style, he doesn’t seem to care.
Reporter: Ray Martin
Producer: Jo Townsend

Fore and Against
It’s been going on for thousands of years but it’s still controversial. We are talking about male circumcision. Not only is it contentious, it’s confusing. Depending on who you speak to, rates of circumcision in Australia are both rising and falling. It’s either a life or death decision or a complete waste of time. The only certainty in this debate – it’s sure to raise hackles.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Stephen Taylor, Jo Townsend

Wild at Heart
40 years ago, a glamorous young Italian woman, swapped her life of privilege for the wilds of Africa. Kuki Gallman turned a vast cattle ranch, into Kenya’s largest private wildlife sanctuary. It would prove such an adventure that Hollywood made her story into an epic film. But there was also great personal sacrifice. And now, everything Kuki has fought so hard to protect, is being threatened by the poachers’ bullets.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Nick Greenaway

7:30 Sunday on NINE


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