60 Minutes March 20

60 Minutes March 20

This weekend 60 Minutes has a few  stories that will shock you.

Pure Evil
It was an act of pure evil which frightened, then outraged, a nation. A vicious gang of Melbourne criminals detonated an enormous car bomb outside Melbourne’s Russell Street Police complex. A young policewoman was killed and more than 20 other people were injured. The bombers’ motive for the crime was a hatred of authority and a desire to kill as many police as possible. Now 30 years later, Ross Coulthart reveals how only sheer luck prevented the death toll from being much higher. With assistance from Australia’s most experienced explosives expert, 60 Minutes recreates the Russell Street blast with the force the bombers intended. Coulthart also interviews one of the original gang members who turned supergrass, as well as detectives involved in the case. They now link the Russell Street bombers to another terrible crime – the 1992 abduction and murder of a teenage girl.
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producer: Garry McNab

Breaking Point
When Liz Hayes set out to report a story about the largest movement of people since World War Two – the millions of refugees fleeing Middle Eastern trouble spots for the safety of Western Europe – she had no idea she and her 60 Minutes crew would become the story. While filming in Sweden they were attacked on the streets of Stockholm; punched, kicked, and the cameraman was run over. Fortunately the team escaped without serious injury. Hayes’ story shows how Sweden has become a victim of its own humanity. By welcoming hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers, the country is now gripped by serious security issues and is at breaking point. Many other European nations are in a similar position and have closed their borders. However it hasn’t stopped the refugees coming – in their desperate millions.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Stephen Rice

Story 3 To Be Advised

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