60 Minutes March 2

60 Minutes has just two stories this week .

One is a story on achieving justice for two murdered nurses. While the other is about an Australian making good in Bollywood.

Murder at Murphy’s Creek

This Sunday, a 60 Minutes Special Investigation. We pursue justice for two young nurses, who were murdered in the most horrific way. Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans disappeared on a gap year in Queensland, forty years ago. Their remains were found at Murphy’s Creek, on the outskirts of Toowoomba, two years later.  In all the time since, a code of silence and a reign of terror have protected the perpetrators of this evil crime. A gang of men swore an oath on blood never to talk about that night and the entire town lived in fear of reprisals. This Sunday we reveal what really happened to Lorraine and Wendy and how the killers have escaped justice. 60 Minutes will broadcast the confession that will crack the case wide open. And reporter Michael Usher tracks down the chief suspects, two men with the most serious questions to answer.

Reporter: Michael Usher Producer: Stephen Rice

The Bombay Sapphire

On Monday, Hollywood gathers for the 86th Annual Academy Awards and the stars of tinsel town will be celebrated. Half a world away, there’s a movie industry 10 times bigger. The Indian movie business, better known as Bollywood, churns out over a thousand films a year and sells fifteen million cinema tickets a day to a paying audience in excess of one billion people. Even a Bollywood flop is watched by more people than live in Australia. And right now, all those Indian movie-goers are lining up to watch an Aussie girl. Pallavi Sharda is the new toast of Bollywood, a lawyer who’s traded the suits and courts of Melbourne, for the costumes and movie lots of Mumbai!

Reporter: Tara Brown Producer: Gareth Harvey

7:40 PM Sunday  on Nine