60 Minutes July 8

This weekend 60 Minutes has just one story.


Imagine having a professional hitman as a babysitter. Or being showered in tens of thousands of dollars in cash at your christening. For Dhakota Williams, the unbelievable was her normal. This Sunday on 60 MINUTES she reveals the highs and lows of an extraordinary childhood unlike any other Australian teenage girl.

Of course, her notoriety was not of her own making. It came from being the only child of Carl Williams, who for much of the late 1990s and early 2000s was Australia’s most infamous gangster. As Dhakota tells Liam Bartlett though, she knew him as a gentle, doting father, not the baby-faced thug who trafficked drugs and murdered anyone who got in his way.

Dhakota was born in the middle of Australia’s bloodiest gangland war, which was later dramatised in the acclaimed Underbelly series. Growing up, she benefited from the glitzy excesses of her mobster father’s ill-gotten gains, but at the age of nine she also confronted the brutal reality that crime never pays when her father was bashed to death in prison. Now 17, this young woman is trying to step away from the sins of her father. But to do that, she first must discover the truth about why he was killed.

Reporter: Liam Bartlett

Producer: Laura Sparkes


8:40pm Sunday on Nine