60 Minutes July 27

60 Minutes July 27

This week 60 Minutes  has MH-17 Dame Helen Miriam and Pakistan at war.


It’s been the most painful of weeks as Australians have watched in anguish and anger at the slow recovery of bodies from the crash site of MH-17. And for the families of those onboard, it’s still a long and torturous journey, before their loved ones come home. Making sense of it all will take even longer. Michael Usher has spent the week in Ukraine, and from the Prime Minister down, they feel Australia’s pain, but the search for answers is excruciating.

Reporter: Michael Usher

Producers: Stephen Rice, Grace Tobin

Dame Helen

Dame Helen Mirren has never been more popular. The long-time leading lady with a career spanning four decades is known for her class, wit and no-nonsense attitude. She’s a legend of the theatre, small screen and box office, collecting Oscars, BAFTAs and Golden Globes for her roles portraying various monarchs. She’s practically royalty herself. So for Karl Stefanovic, scoring an audience with the sassy Dame in Los Angeles was part thrilling, part terrifying. Because she’s certainly a lady who says exactlywhat she thinks.

Reporter: Karl Stefanovic

Producer: Jo Townsend


Unholy War

It began with the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian extremists. Then came the retribution killing of a fifteen year old Palestinian boy by Israeli extremists. Now this most brutal of conflicts has again spiralled into dreadful bloodshed. And once again, it’s the vast mass of ordinary people who are trapped between the fanatics in their midst. This Sunday, Allison Langdon takes you inside the Jewish settlements on the West Bank, and to the war raging on the Gaza Strip, as Hamas and the Israeli Defence Force try to blast each other away.

Reporter: Allison Langdon

Producer: Gareth Harvey

9:10 PM Sunday on Nine