60 Minutes FEB 24

This week 60 Minutes looks at super bugs , Talks to John Howard and music ledgends Areosmith 


No-one would expect an innocuous little cut to threaten your life or cost you all 4 limbs. But that’s exactly what happened to Aimee Copeland, when her body was attacked by an aggressive flesh eating bug. She’s a living example of the rise and rise of superbugs. In this frightening new era in medicine, that our once faithful friends – antibiotics – simply don’t work. And this national health threat is so serious, our Government has now launched three separate Superbug inquiries. But, as Michael Usher discovered, some brilliant scientific minds here and overseas are working fast to find some amazing new cures.

Reporter: Michael Usher

Producers: Danny Keens, Hannah Boocock


Howard’s Way

By any measure, this is an unusual election year. With more than 200 days till polling day, it’s the longest campaign in Australian history. Then, there’s the growing uncertainty over the leaders. With Prime Minister Julia Gillard languishing ever deeper in the polls, a spectacular comeback by Kevin Rudd is now a very real prospect. And would that force the Liberals to dump Tony Abbott, in favour of the more popular Malcolm Turnbull? If anyone understands the ins and outs of political leadership it is John Howard. Charles Wooley sat down with the former PM to discuss the wild political ride that will be 2013.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Howard Sacre


They are America’s biggest and most enduring rock band Aerosmith began life more than 40 years ago and what’s truly impressive is not just that they’re filling stadiums after all these years but that they’re still alive to do it! Now well into their 60’s, singer Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry have been the heart-beat of the band. And along the way, they’ve lived a real life rock-opera. It hasn’t always been harmonious but one thing’s for sure – it’s never been dull.

Reporter: Liz Hayes

Producer: Steven Burling

7:30 Pm Sunday on Nine


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