60 Minutes FEB 23

60 Minutes FEB 23

Here’s what’s in store on 60 Minutes this week.

Mary’s Miracle
This Sunday, a story that will warm your heart. Comedienne Mary Coustas and her husband George Betsis – are finally happy parents to a healthy baby girl. Theirs is one of the most difficult stories to tell, because despite all of Effie’s on stage jokes, Mary’s private battle to become a mother has been heartbreaking. Over the course of a decade and through countless IVF attempts, Mary and George struggled to conceive. When they finally did fall pregnant there was more tragedy, with the stillbirth of daughter Stevie. Unbelievably, Mary and George kept on trying, returning to their fertility clinic in Greece for six more IVF treatments. Then, just as they were about to give up the parenthood dream forever, their luck changed. On 60 Minutes, Mary and George proudly show off beautiful little Jamie for the first time, and reveal there could be one more surprise in store.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Stephen Taylor

The Killing Cove
You’ve seen the horrific pictures of the dolphin killing cove in Japan but now there’s a bigger prize being hunted. The local fishermen have successfully caught a rare albino dolphin and are shopping it round with an asking price of half a million dollars. It’s the latest blow to animal cruelty campaigners. Liz Hayes went to The Cove, where she found two Australians determined to bring an end to the mass slaughter. What they encountered were heavy handed police, a government that doesn’t care and a curious Australian who seems to be helping the Japanese.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Phil Goyen

Remembering Levi
Levi McCormack was a rare spirit. A little boy with a beautiful smile, which hid a debilitating heart and lung condition. When Karl Stefanovic first met Levi he was just 5 years old. Levi’s courage moved a nation, as he endured countless operations and medical treatments, while starting school and trying to live as a normal child. The strength of his parents Karina and Ashley was unbelievable. We caught up with Levi again last year for his 9th birthday and while he was as brave and funny as ever, doctors had told Karina and Ashley, Levi’s time was limited. On Valentine’s Day, Levi peacefully passed away. This Sunday, 60 Minutes pays tribute to the little boy who made us laugh and cry, and lived every moment he could.
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producer: Ali Smith

7:40pm Sunday on Nine.