60 Minutes December 8

60 Minutes December 8

There’s an interesting mix of stories  for the final show of the year.

The Rolling Stones
No-one, least of all The Rolling Stones themselves, could have imagined that they’d still be together 50 years after first starting out. You might have put some money on the energetic Mick Jagger making it but who would have guessed the volatile Keith Richards would even be alive today? But, half a century on, they are the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band of all time. And they can’t stop touring the world. They will be in Australia next year continuing their 50 year celebration – an anniversary so big, it’s taking them two years to mark it.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Stephen Taylor

Print the Future
Ray Martin found this story equally exciting and frightening. For less than a thousand dollars, you can now own a 3D printer – hook it up to your home computer and make anything your mind can imagine. Trinkets are easy; gadgets are a breeze, even a new car’s possible. With 3D printing, it seems you can print the future and the internet is full of its wonders. But with the good, also comes potential for bad – and any number of experts are willing to show you how.
Reporter: Ray Martin
Producer: Stephen Taylor

Frozen Waterfalls
Earlier this year Liz Hayes witnessed an incredible death-defying sport. In the bitter temperatures of winter, a growing number of adventurous and audacious climbers around the world are now scaling frozen waterfalls. As they cling to brittle ice, their every move is heart-stopping – one false step and they can fall to their death. Even for the most experienced it is a serious test of their physical and mental skills.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Phil Goyen

7:30pm Sunday December 8 on Nine