60 Minutes August 4

60 Minutes August 4

This week 60 Minutes catches up with Olivia Newton-John.


Olivia Newton-John is undeniably one of our most loved and celebrated stars. A singer, actress and tireless philanthropist, she has held a place in our hearts for more than half a century. For 27 of those years she has been locked in an on-and-off battle with breast cancer. Earlier this year came the reports we’d dreaded, that the disease was in its final stages and Olivia was at death’s door. After spending a few days with the superstar at her ranch in California, reporter Liz Hayes discovered the rumours of her imminent demise were way off the mark. Yes, she is battling stage-four cancer. Yes, there are bad days as well as good ones. But our Olivia remains a woman of awe-inspiring positivity, strength and courage. This week on 60 MINUTES, witness one of the most remarkable interviews of the year: how the devotion of a loving family, and an unconventional treatment, is helping Olivia face up to the greatest challenge of her life, including a rare and raw insight from her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi. Powerful, emotional, and a reminder of the important things in life, it’s Olivia Newton-John as you’ve never seen her before.

Producer: Stefanie Sgroi
Reporter: Liz Hayes

8:30pm Sunday on Nine