60 Minutes April 5

60 Minutes this week has serial killers, asks is there Life on Mars? and much more.


A child abducted. Then another. And another. Three Aussie kids missing. All from the same street. All within five months. Then, a child’s remains found. And again. And again. All in the same bushland. A serial killer is at large. But no one is brought to justice. This Sunday on 60 Minutes, a major investigation into a 25-year-old cold case. 60 Minutes will reveal fresh evidence, and speak to a new witness. Reporter Michael Usher tracks down the man police believe is the prime suspect. Is he the serial killer?

Reporter: Michael Usher Producers: Nick Greenaway, Grace Tobin


In 2008, after years of searching, Lambis Englezos found the lost diggers of Fromelles: more than 200 Australian soldiers who were hastily buried in a mass grave during the First World War. Despite government and bureaucratic resistance, Lambis proved the bodies were there. Subsequently the diggers were exhumed, given proper burials, and many finally identified, to the great comfort of their families. Now Lambis has done it again. For the past four years he’s honed in on what he believes is the mass grave of 143 Australian soldiers on the Gallipoli peninsula. And you won’t believe it, but once again our government is turning its back.

Reporter: Peter Stefanovic Producer: Stephen Taylor


Are we alone in the universe? Or is there life out there? This question has long plagued mankind. NASA’s rovers, Spirit and Curiosity, have come very close to finding an answer, discovering evidence of water on Mars, but the search for life goes on. Now NASA is gearing up for the next rover mission, and an Australian will play a crucial role in this quest for extra-terrestrial beings.

Reporter: Liz Hayes Producer: Phil Goyen

 8:30 PM Sunday on Nine