60 Minutes April 14

This is whats in store on 60 minutes this Sunday at the special time of 8 PM.

Top End Fashion

The reporters on this show can find themselves in all manner of sticky situations but Michael Usher never thought he’d be dangling from a helicopter and dropped straight onto a very angry saltwater crocodile. It’s what a group of daredevil blokes in the Top End do for a living, all part of Australia’s rapidly growing crocodile skin export business currently valued at 25 million dollars. The crocs are grown from hatchlings to adults and their skins are sold to top French fashion houses, before they end up as handbags worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Reporter: Michael Usher

Producer: Nick Greenaway


The Missing

It’s almost too hard to fathom but every 15 minutes someone in Australia disappears. For the families left behind, the anguish of not knowing what’s happened to their loved one, can be overwhelming. It’s exactly what Lorrin Whitehead’s five children are facing, eight weeks ago their 43-year-old mother left home and vanished without a trace. The police have no firm leads, there are no suspicious circumstances and for Lorrin’s kids, they just want to know if their mum is ok.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Stephen Burling


Brave Levi

Four years ago, we brought you the story of the brave and bubbly young boy, Levi McCormack. Levi was born with only half a working heart and a mysterious lung condition. His ability to take on every challenge, with a smile and a laugh, won your hearts. Since then, little Levi has gone on to attend school and recently had his 9th birthday. But amid the celebrations there are some very tough days ahead for Levi and his family.

Reporter: Karl Stefanovic

P:roducer: Ali Smith

8 PM Sunday  ON NINE