5 becomes 4 as Masterchef heads towards the finale

5 becomes 4 as Masterchef heads towards the finale

Tonight’s intricate pressure test was the most intense yet, and it was Linda who just missed out on a place in the MasterChef Australia top four.

The top five arrived at the MasterChef kitchen and were greeted by the judges who introduced acclaimed Vue de monde executive chef, Hugh Allen.

Hugh uncovered a cloche, revealing a dessert inspired by Australian natives and with three hours and 45 minutes on the clock, it was clear today’s test would be a tough one.

Pete was first to the tasting room, he was nervous as he assembled his dish in front of Hugh and the judges, but the flavour was good, and Hugh said it was fairly spot on.

Kishwar was next and she scored high praise from the judges. Jock said the texture of her gumnut was basically identical to Hugh’s.

Justin was concerned about his newly tempered chocolate sticks, but Andy said it was clear that he had nailed it, and Hugh agreed.

Elise’s chocolate sticks threatened to derail her dish due to their incorrect size and shape, but Linda couldn’t plate the chocolate coating on her gumnut, and the bright green colour on her bottlebrush didn’t resemble Hugh’s, so she was the next contestant to leave the MasterChef kitchen.


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