The Block Reveals the first bathrooms

The Block Reveals the first bathrooms

This year there are six properties on The Block, our host Scott Cam is building his own. He has enlisted the help of previous contestants of The Block, Duncan and Spence, plus Sarah Armstrong from The Block Shop to help him. Scotty says there is over 100 years of experience his house should come up a treat.

All the couples are working hard to meet the ‘tools down’ deadline to deliver their first bathroom. 

House No.1 Tom and Sarah-Jane are going for a colourful country design. Rachel and Ryan in House No.2 are going for a more contemporary sophisticated look. Ankur and Sharon in House No.3 are going for a moody, dark look. House No.4 Dylan and Jenny are also going country. While Omar and Oz in House No.5 have an eclectic mix of tiles they hope will wow the judges. 

With 15 hours to go, drama in House No.3. Ankur and Sharon’s tiling is a disgrace according to Keith and Dan. Sharon loses hope and there are some tears. 

Omar goes shopping for a plant and takes six hours, Oz wasn’t happy. 

Rachel and Ryan are a bit upset on Saturday night as they call their kids. They are missing them. She is heartbroken. 

Scotty calls ‘tools down’ for the first time on The Block and our contestants are relieved. Somehow they managed to finish a tough week on The Block for week No.1.

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $22,700: WOW was the first thing Neale said. Quite the debut. A fantastic welcome to The Block for Tom and Sarah-Jane. Darren loved the ceiling rose and height. The light was amazing. Shaynna thought it was a functional bathroom. There was not enough storage. Their paint work was OK but could have been better.

Score 25.5/30 

Rachel and Ryan spent $33,500: The initial thoughts from the judges was that that the bathroom is massive. The judges appreciated Rachel and Ryan turned their bathroom around in a few days. However they thought it didn’t speak country at all. It was an urban bathroom. However Darren loved it. 

Score 23.5/30

Ankur and Sharon spent $34,000: The judges didn’t love what Ankur and Sharon delivered. They were angry they delivered such a bathroom with no nod to the heritage of the house. It felt very theatrical. The tile choice was wrong, heavy, and industrial. The nib wall didn’t work. In fact Shaynna hated it. Neale felt it was claustrophobic. Not a great start. 

Score 20.5/30

Dylan and Jenny spent $28,003: Shaynna thought it was very fresh, vast, and welcoming. They loved the bath. Neale’s smile returned after visiting House No.3 Darren loved the arches and the cornices. The execution level was spot on. The only thing they didn’t like was the length of the shower screen

Score 25.5/30. 

Omar and Oz spent $20,749: WOW said Neale again. You beauty. They loved the textures. The mix of the tiles shouldn’t work but it did. It felt country yet contemporary. A lot of warmth to it. They loved how they folded the toilet paper. Oz did it at 8.47am in the morning. They were very impressed 

Score 26/30

So the winners are Omar and Oz, in a surprise result. They took home $10,000 from Ford and a $250,000 kitchen upgrade from Winning Appliances. Sharon cries, she felt like she got it completely wrong and is struggling…. already. 


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