The Hundred with Andy Lee returns to Tuesdays

The Hundred  with Andy Lee returns to Tuesdays

er a stellar debut season, The Hundred with Andy Lee is back in 2022 with 100 everyday Aussies and some of our funniest comedians to find out what the country is really thinking.

Andy Lee will be joined by a host of comedians and celebrity guests including Sophie Monk,Hamish Blake, Tom Gleeson, Tommy Little, Nazeem Hussain, Abbie Chatfield, Anne EdmondsSenator Jacqui Lambie, regular panellist Mike Goldstein and many more.

Handpicked to represent the demographic makeup of Australia, “The Hundred” will be polled live via Zoom to give us the stories behind the stats, while three comedy panellists battle it out on each episode to see who knows Australia best.

This season The Hundred will tackle more of society’s important questions like: How many Australians are flat-earthers? Would you vote if it wasn’t compulsory? And some not so important though intriguing ones, such as: How many Australians have hooked up with their housemate? How many people have blamed their kids for something they did themselves?

Andy Lee said: “I asked Australia whether they wanted the show to come back and it came back with 95% “YES”. I can only assume that 5% worked for rival networks.”

Whatever story is gripping the nation, we’ll be able to find out what Australia really thinks about it as The Hundred with Andy Lee tackles the big weekly talking points in a funny and irreverent way.

Launching on Tuesday, February 8, on Channel 9 


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