30 Bananas A Day Keeps The Elimination Away

30 Bananas A Day Keeps The Elimination Away

Body piercing, banana eating, bag forgetting… none of this makes sense now, but it will after you read tonight’s episode recap of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition.

The remaining nine teams headed to the beautiful Indian coastal state of Kerala, for the third leg. On the drive, Harry and Teddy, who were following Emma Wiggle and sister Hayley, confirmed that Hot Potato was a certified hood classic, while Angie offered kisses in exchange for discounted taxi rides.

Arriving at the Detour, our celebs had to choose between painting a tiger on the belly of a local and a traditional kid’s game at the sports ground.

Angie and Alli like big belly’s and they can not lie, completing the painting challenge first. After Darren and Tristan, and Harry and Teddy finished the game first, both teams decided to try for the Fast Forward option. The tricky thing is, only one team is allowed to complete it, the loser would need to turn around and complete the Road Block with the rest of the racers.

Holey moley, this was a Fast Forward like nose other. Tristan and Darren, jeopardising his TV good looks, both got nose piercings like they were completing a Contiki Tour rite of passage. After being the first team to reach and compete the Fast Forward, newly pierced Darren and Tristan skipped straight ahead to the Pitstop, which meant Harry and Teddy had to scramble to the Road Block instead.

At the Road Block, one team member had to learn how to drive a Tuk Tuk at the local driving school. Mum Jana quickly gave her L-Plated 16-year-old son some quick tips on the difference between a manual and an automatic (this doesn’t sound promising), but just like any overconfident learner driver, it took a few failed attempts, and some encouraging words from mum, before success.

But disaster struck an hour into their car journey to the next challenge, when Cor realised he forgot his bag, and had no choice but to turn back around, one of the biggest setbacks in Race history. Side note, George actually discovered the forgotten bag back at the Tuk Tuk challenge. Presented with two options, bring the bag to Cor or leave it, George did what George does best and left the bag, knowing it could give him and Pam a chance to get out of last place.

Finally, teams had to eat their way through a bowl of 30 bananas until they found a blue one. Psychic-medium Jackie manifested a blue banana, and the universe gaveth her a banana on the first go… that sh!t is bananas! Bec and Kate didn’t find this challenge very a-peeling (see what we did there?). With their little tummy’s bursting at the seams, there was a lot of dry reaching going on.

Sporting their newly jewel adorned noses, Darren and Tristan were first to arrive at the Pitstop, followed by Ben and Jackie.

Meanwhile, after downing 24 bananas, George and Pam were still unsuccessful, when Jana and Cor arrived following the bag drama. Taking only seven attempts, Jana and Cor had their blue banana and split, but in their excitement to get on the boat, they forgot their bags… AGAIN! Yes, that’s in caps lock, because it needs to be! This was the miracle B1 and B2, we mean, George and Pam, needed.

It was then down to a boat race between Jana and Cor, and George and Pam. Sadly, George and Pam were last to hit the carpet… but turns out, it was a non-elimination leg! We wonder if Darren and Tristan were pierced off after finding out that they put their noses on the line during a non-elimination round. Ouch, literally, ouch.


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