Holey Moley Junior tees off next week

Holey Moley Junior tees off next week
Holey Moley Australia 2020 Stills Photography By Paul A. Broben

Holey Moley Junior, a Holey Moley competition event special showcasing Australia’s brightest golfing prodigies, will tee off next week.

Holey Moley Junior brings together eight of the country’s most talented junior mini golfers, ranging in age from eight to 10 years, to battle it out across three wild rounds.

While they show off their incredible skills on the most extreme mini golf course on the planet, these competitive kids are chasing the ultimate prize: the Holey Moley plaid jacket, golden putter, a whopping $10,000 golf shopping spree and being crowned the world’s first-ever Holey Moley Junior Champion.

How will these golfing stars of tomorrow deal with the death-defying Holey Moley obstacles? That’s where their parents step in. While the kids take the putts, their adult caddies will take the hits on diabolical course favourites, including Putter Ducky, Dutch Courage, Putt the Plank any many more.

With hours of daily training and prior wins in junior golf tournaments, it’s an even pack heading into the competition

Nine-year-old Oliver, who dreams of becoming a professional golfer, has his sights set on taking out the championship, “I love golf. I’ve been playing golf for as long as I can remember. I like the feeling of winning because all the hard work pays off.”


Teamwork is the key to success for nine-year-old Janie, “me and Dad are going to win because we are the best team,” said Janie, who has been playing golf for eight years.

“Winning Holey Moley would be the best thing ever. I’m pumped!”

Eight-year-old Oscar has a clear strategy for the win, “getting a hole-in-one on the first one and dad getting through the obstacles.”


Oscar’s dad, Jay, admits he’s feeling the pressure but is still confident, “he’s got the ability and I think I’ve got the agility!”

Holey Moley Junior 7.30pm Monday, 1 March on Channel 7