Plate of Origin kicks off with an Australian Vs China battle

On last night’s premiere episode of Plate of Origin, Team China and Team Australia went head-to-head.

Team China’s Mandy and Chrys claiming victory by one point for their mouth-watering and perfect scoring main of Duck with Biang Biang Noodles, forcing team Australia’s Ethan and Stew into the elimination challenge.

Cooking their best main and dessert inspired by their heritage, both teams had 90 minutes to prep both courses, 60 minutes to cook their main and 45 minutes to serve their dessert.

Despite a misstep with their dessert, Team China managed to take home the win. “We didn’t do it just for ourselves, we did it for all Chinese people and all Australian Chinese,” said Chrys.

Team Australia may be down, but they’re not out of the game. “Were going to elimination, but it’s not with our tails between our legs.  We only lost by one point, we are going to come back stronger and better than before,” promised Stu.


MAIN: Duck with Biang Biang Noodles

Matt: “The noodles for me are the star, but everything else is a perfect accompaniment. You are showing the rest of the world why people love this food. Absolutely spectacular dish.”

Gary: “Its tender. It’s just absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t have cooked it any better myself. Clever, thoughtful and really delicious cooking.”

Matt 10 // Manu 10 // Gary 10

DESSERT: Black Sesame Mousse with Tofu Ice Cream

Manu: “The thing that didn’t work was the flavour of the mousse

Gary: “Tofu ice-cream was a novel idea. The thick layer of jelly on top spoilt it.”

Matt 5// Manu 5// Gary 5


MAIN: Meat and Three Veg

Manu: “What I put in my mouth right then was unbelievable. The beef was tender, that sauce is absolutely delicious.”

Gary: “If that’s not great Australian cooking, then I don’t know what is.  Well done.”

Matt 9 // Manu 9 // Gary 8

DESSERT: Vanilla Custard Slice

Gary:“The innovation like rye berry made the difference.”

Manu: “The pastry was a little undercooked.”

Matt 6 // Manu 6// Gary 6