2015 Melbourne Comedy Festival Debate

This weekend Ten will screen the 2015 Melbourne Comedy Festival Debate and it’s not to be missed.

This year the topic  “That Social Media Is Anti-Social.” is being moderated by The Project’s Waleed Aly. The comedians involved  include Joel Creasey, Sara Pascoe, Russell Kane, Ronny Chieng, Rich Hall and Katherine Ryan.

Welcome to a one-off experience where two teams of comedy heavyweights argue, yell, sing, abuse and shamelessly attempt to upstage one another while arguing “That Social Media Is Anti-Social”.

With all his experience trying to get his point across on the panel of The Project, Waleed Aly is perfect to take on the role as moderator.

Ronny Chieng, one of Melbourne’s favourite comedians, will captain the affirmative team, flanked by 2013 Barry Award winner Rich Hall and award-winning Canadian-born Londoner Katherine Ryan.

They will face off against this year’s Oxfam Gala host Joel Creasey and the bashful Brits Sara Pascoe and Russell Kane.

8:30pm Saturday May 9 on Ten