Brittany Shows Nick Her Wild Side.

Pulses were racing as the final ten bachelorettes fronted a human lie-detector last night.

Emotions ran high when Nick invited Brittany on her second one-on-one date, leaving Cass wondering why she had not received any solo time with the Bachelor.

Overjoyed to be spending more time together, Nick and Brittany started their date with a scenic cruise around Sydney Harbour, before getting up-close and personal with some native critters at a wildlife park.

From snake wrangling to crocodile feeding, Nick was impressed by Brittany’s love of adventure and willingness to try new things.

Later, Brittany joined Nick for a drink and the pair had an intimate conversation about plans for the future. Brittany felt that Nick and his values checked all the boxes but wanted to know where she stood in relation to the other bachelorettes. After letting Brittany know that he has strong feelings for her, Nick presented Brittany with a rose and they shared a kiss.

On a group date, the bachelorettes fronted human lie detector, Steve Van Aperen, who questioned the ladies about their past relationships, feelings towards Nick and what they are looking for in a life partner.

Speaking with each of the bachelorettes individually and then observing how they interacted with Nick, Steve assessed whether the ladies body language was in line with what they were saying. Steve learnt that Sophie, Jamie-Lee and especially Cass had genuine feelings for Nick. While Deanna and Tenille were difficult to read, Steve was impressed by Brooke’s sincerity and honesty.

At the cocktail party, Brooke was eager to pull Nick aside and reveal some truths about her past relationships. Anxious as to what Nick may think, Brooke revealed two out of her four past relationships were with women. Glad that Brooke was comfortable enough to share this with him, Nick reassured Brooke that she had his full support and that her past relationships did not impact on his feelings for her.

At a suspenseful rose ceremony, Deanna failed to receive a rose and left the mansion.