1600 Penn and New Smog Marry Avoid to air Tuesdays on Eleven

Eleven is finally clearing off the shelf and getting rid of excess content.

At 9:30 pm Tuesday from February 25 will be the 6th season of Smog Marry  Avoid. These aired in the UK in 2013.

Bromley Part 1

In Bromley, POD performs two jaw-dropping transformations with  queen of the jungle Vikki and a Lady Gaga-obsessed Eli. Can POD  turn these girls both into natural beauties?

Following at 10:30 will be the series premiere of 1600 Penn. The comedy series about a college student who returns home to the White House consists of just 13 episodes.

Putting Out Fires

After a fire, Skip Gilchrist returns from college to live with his parents and the rest of his family in the White House. Meanwhile, Skip’s father, the President, is working on a trade agreement.