Game of Thrones Specials come to Showcase

Ahead of the new season of Game of Thrones Foxtel has a few catch up specials for fans. 

Game of Thrones: Greatest Moments
Tuesday July 4 at 8.30pm on showcase
From the Birth of Dragons to Hardhome’s heart stopping battle with icy foes, these are the Greatest Moments of Games of Thrones, as voted for by the fans. Heroes are sacrificed and betrayed, villains are vanquished and despatched, leaving viewers raging and gasping in equal measure.

In this countdown of the 20 Greatest Moments from seasons 1 to 6, we revisit the anguish and vengeance of the great houses of Westeros. Featuring jaw-dropping events that have redefined television, from The Red Wedding to The Battle of the Bastards, it features commentary and reaction from key cast members, including Kristian Nairn, Michelle Fairley and Pedro Pascal.

George R.R. Martin reveals which moment brought a tear to his eye, and Iwan Rheon gives his insight into Ramsay Bolton’s murderous impulses. As we wait for Season 7, this epic countdown reminds viewers why Game of Thrones sits on the Iron Throne as the most gripping saga of the age.

Game of Thrones: The Story So Far
Tuesday July 11 at 8.30pm on showcase
And as the world gets ready for the new season of Game of Thrones, showcase presents a thrilling catch-up for ardent fans. A whistle-stop but expert tour of the first six seasons, The Story So Far shines a light on the epic storylines, exploring the winners and losers in the awesome battle for the Iron Throne.

With insight from George R. R. Martin himself, and cast members including Michelle Fairley, Kristian Nairn, Pedro Pascal, Iwan Rheon and Kerry Ingram we delve into the twists and turns that have kept fans enthralled. From the scheming Lannister Family to the ill-fated but noble Starks, we re-visit the great dynasties duking it out in the brutal world of Westeros. Gasp as the dragons are born, hide your eyes as heroes and villains are slain, and hold your breath as White Walkers come to do battle.

Featuring commentary from super fans, KT Tunstall, Ade Adepitan and Al Murray, The Story So Far is also a compelling guide for any new viewer, looking to navigate the epic storylines of this award-winning show, ahead of season 7.