Jay farewells the jungle

Jay Laga’aia has became the second celebrity to leave the African jungle.

Three weeks ago, Jay met Steve Price, Lisa Curry, Ash Pollard and Casey Donovan in the depths of the African jungle for their final taste of champagne before being catapulted head first into action. After a zip line of epic proportions, the five celebrities met fellow campmates Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Tom Arnold, Nazeem Hussain, Tegan Martin and Dane Swan, and set off into the wilderness, unaware of the tumultuous journey ahead.

After a week of jungle life and with camp conflict on the rise, Jay was voted in as camp leader. His first duty: to gather the loot of contraband being stashed by other celebrities. Taking his new role very seriously, the father of eight took a strict paternal approach to camp life.

Feeling the pressures of the jungle, the campmates grew sick of their autocratic existence under Jay’s rule and after a feud between Tom and Lisa led to the demise of the chores chart, Jay offered up his role of camp leader to anyone wishing to take his place as head of the jungle.

A gifted musician, Jay’s luxury item was his beloved ukulele. He entertained campmates around the campfire day in, day out, occasionally driving Tom mad with his endless tunes and banter.

During his time in the jungle, Jay took part in six Tucker Trials, most notably Fright At The Museum. With their heads strapped inside a museum-like casing, Tom, Dane, Tegan, Kris, Lisa and Jay were forced to endure 400 baby chickens, 300 rats and 65 snakes nibbling and slithering across their faces in order to bring home extra food for the camp.

When new campmate Keira Maguire joined the crew, Jay was the lucky one voted to take part in the Bad Pitt Tucker Trial with the feisty Bachelorette. Keira tested his patience and after five days in camp, Jay told her to act her age and play the game.

Tonight Carson Kresley enters the camp as a contestant on the series.