Bonds are strengthened on Georgia’s love quest

Bonds are strengthened on Georgia’s love quest

It was another jam packed episode of The Bachelorette last night.

Cam bonded with Georgia at the very first cocktail party over their shared passion for Disney, so he was excited to learn that Georgia had planned his single date around iconic cartoon musical movies.

Cam arrived on the date to find Georgia sitting on a “magic” carpet. Nervous, he told Georgia that other Bachelors had been joking that she had friend-zoned him. In response, Georgia proposed a toast, confirming that was not the case, and the pair toasted their date together.

A helicopter transported Cam and Georgia to their next Disney-themed date spot. While his goal was to show Georgia his mature and serious side, Cam struggled to contain his excitement as the pair enjoyed the sky-high tour of Sydney.

Arriving at a barn, Georgia surprised Cam with a litter of Dalmatians. While Georgia had attempted to source 101 to recreate the movie, they had to settle for just 15, but they still had the desired effect. Embracing his inner child, Cam was quickly covered in the adorable puppies – and Georgia’s heart melted.

Later, Georgia and Cam shared comfortable conversation and over a glass of wine, Cam finally found the courage to kiss her. Enchanted by their chemistry and excited to get to know him better, Georgia rewarded Cam with a rose.

Back at the Bachelor pad, Lee, Todd, Rhys, Jake, Ryan, Matt, Sam and Courtney were selected for the group date: competing in extreme sports from around the world.

Team captains Todd and Sam picked their teams for the first sport of Chinese dragon boat racing. After a competitive race, Todd’s blue team reigned in the water. Next was Turkish wrestling, which involved the boys stripping down and oiling up. Rhys and Matt were chosen to compete against one another, and while Matt defeated his opponent, Rhys was left with an injured shoulder.

Keeping the Bachelors on their toes, Georgia surprised them with another single date card for Matty J. Sharing great banter and a relaxed afternoon playing lawn croquet, their date ended with a romantic kiss – but no rose for Matty J.

At the cocktail party, the Bachelors had their own surprise for Georgia, serenading her with a song. With Cam playing guitar, each Bachelor sang a verse describing their feelings for Georgia.

Overwhelmed, Georgia shed a tear of happiness for this sweet and thoughtful group gesture.

At the rose ceremony, Ryan did not receive a rose. On leaving the mansion, Ryan said: “I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get to know each other a bit more. It is what it is, she has got to connect with someone in all parts of her life and if that’s not me, then so be it.”