10 To 1: Countdown Our Greatest News Events

This week Seven counts down the Greatest News Events.

Join Sharyn Ghidella and Bill McDonald as they deliver the stories that shocked and shaped us, made us laugh, gasp and cry.

We countdown the Top 10 world-shattering news events of the past six decades both at home and across the globe.

The arrival of colour television, the moon landing, the Beatles in Australia.

Who can forget the death of Diana or the assassination of President Kennedy?

The Sydney Olympics or our famous America’s Cup victory?

What will be Number One? Everyone will have an opinion.

A panel of Australia’s leading academics will deliberate and present their final list of the most defining moments on television.

Featuring never-before-seen archive footage, Seven News presenters and reporters who were there when it happened give their unique and compelling accounts of being in the front seat as they witnessed history in the making.

Wednesday at 8.40pm on Seven.