Sunday Night March 19

This weekend Sunday Night hears from Melisa Geroge in a must see story.

Her story could almost be one of her own television dramas, if it weren’t so frighteningly real – Aussie TV star meets dashing French millionaire. It’s love at first sight. There’s a luxurious penthouse in Paris, international fame, two young sons. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out… everything. Melissa George’s picture perfect life is in ashes – assaulted in her home by the father of her children, hospitalised and threatened with kidnapping charges. Stuck in the fight of her life, Melissa is breaking her silence. And as Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells discovers, she’s trapped in a living hell. You’ve read the headlines, now hear her story.

Chicks Rule
It’s quite literally a game changer – a footy revolution. And it’s no token gesture. The national women’s AFL championship is the genuine article. That’s pretty remarkable, but even more so are the women themselves – their lives, their experiences, their struggles and their dreams. Sunday Night’s Melissa Doyle finds it takes a special kind of courage and determination to succeed in what’s always been a strictly male domain. But they’re doing it – magnificently.

Diana’s Legacy
This year marks 20 years since the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. And she’s still making headlines. Our Sunday Night Royal Event last week caused a stir in the media both at home and abroad. Diana’s closest friends revealed a woman we never knew. But the question remains, what will be her legacy? And how will she be remembered after all the scandals are forgotten?

Sunday at on Seven.