Speedways, Samurai Swords And Send-Offs

With emotions running high in the Bachelorette mansion, Nick  was faced with some tough decisions last night.

Nick’s need for speed saw Brittany, Brooke, Dasha and Sophie invited on a group date at Sydney Motorsport Park. With some highly-coveted one-on-one time up for grabs, Nick upped the wager, promising the stand out Bachelorette a hot commodity in the mansion – a box of avocados.

The bachelorettes first task was to drive blindfolded through an obstacle course, guided purely by Nick’s voice. With Dasha never having driven a manual car before, she gave it her all and bunny-hopped her way around the track.

The final and most challenging part of the date was to reverse and spin the car 180 degrees, aiming to land the car on a love heart drawn on the track. After watching the others go before her, Sophie’s nerves got the better of her but she stayed committed and completed the challenge with a smile.

Impressed by Sophie’s determination and willingness to give anything a go, Nick chose her for some special one-on-one time.

True to his word, Nick presented Sophie with the promised box of avocados. Realising she needed to start opening up more, Sophie made an effort to communicate her feelings to him.

Nick was impressed with the progression of their relationship, and Sophie’s honesty scored her a rose and a steamy kiss off Nick.


Big on travel, Nick planned a Japanese-themed date with mansion newcomer Jamie-Lee. She was visibly challenged when attempting to wield the samurai sword but Nick was in his element.


Later at a private clifftop picnic, Jamie-Lee struggled to open up to Nick. After an awkward conversation where she struggled to answer questions, Jamie-Lee left the date without a rose.   Walking into the cocktail party together, Jamie-Lee and Nick were all smiles.

When the other Bachelorettes realised no rose was on show, talk quickly turned to what happened on the single date. Jamie-Lee tried to put on a brave face, but broke down in front of the other girls in fear that she had spoilt her chances with Nick.

Still rattled after last night’s human lie detector group date, Tenille was unsure about how Nick now felt about her.  Approaching her for a one-on-one chat, Nick put his cards on the table, revealing he felt it was Tenille who was closed-off.

Tenille admitted she felt like their connection had an expiry date, and with Nick not being able to give her the assurance she needed, their one-on-one chat ended with Tenille in tears.

Tenille decided the hurdles of their situation were too great to overcome and it was time to leave the mansion.  Visibly shaken, Nick walked Tenille to the car to say their goodbyes.

Osher crashed the cocktail party to reveal that Nick had said goodbye to Tenille and there would be no rose ceremony.