Simone Holtznagel Farewells The Jungle.

I’m a Celebrity has found its final four.

A jungle favourite, Peter’s elimination sent shock waves through the camp. While Simone and Vicky Pattison reflected on Peter’s best moments, a heartbroken Fiona was left in tears.

Peter surprised the celebrities by taking over the microphone to talk to them from the control room. Hoping to elevate Fiona’s mood, Peter called her into the Tok Tokie and gave her some parting words of wisdom.

The five celebrities were tested on the knowledge of their 10 departed camp mates in the hilarious group Tucker Trial, Help From Our Friends. Faced with a list of categories ranging from technology to television, the celebrities had to pick which celebrities would have answered the questions relating to their category correctly. While Peter and Jackie Gillies proved they are in the know with all things geography and television, Bernard Tomic, Anthony Mundine, Tiffany, Kerry Armstrong, David and Lisa Oldfield, Josh Gibson and Paul Burrell’s incorrect answers sent the celebrities into a tank of putrid slime.

Later, the celebrities shared some hilarious stories around the camp fire. With topics ranging from their first kiss to their first celebrity encounter, Fiona had her camp mates in stitches with her tales, including dropping the “F bomb” in front of Queen Elizabeth and the time she rocked up to a pharmacist’s fancy dinner party in their shop uniform.

Later in the show, hosts Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that international model Simone Holtznagel was the ninth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Known as the queen of food challenges, Simone proved herself in trials, smashing it in a grand total of six eating trials and six physical challenges. The most memorable eating challenge was African Mornings With Chris and Julia, where she had to drink a bulls penis, bulls brain, fish and critter smoothie.

After doing her fair share of wood collection and dunny duties, Simone was picked as Deputy Camp Leader by Peter. She grew close to Josh as well as Jackie, who gave Simone a psychic reading and delivered news from her late friend, Charlotte Dawson. Simone also shared details of her modelling career, the body image pressure she has experienced and the glory of scoring her first Playboy magazine cover.

Do not miss Sunday night when the top four celebrities are reunited with their loved ones.