Lisa And Andy’s Small House Rules after Nordic Reveal

It’s been a big week in South Australia on House Rules as the teams undertook the smallest house of the season yet.

House Rules
Rule 1 Create a Nordic sanctuary
Rule 2 Use timber & soft tones
Rule 3 Deliver a knockout piece in each room
Rule 4 Give us a breathtaking bathroom
Rule 5 Bring “suave sixties” to the den

TIM & MAT (VIC) Bathroom and dining

Jamie This team is courageous and the way they have finished off all their workmanship is really beautiful.

LLB (on the bathroom) Such a clever job of squeezing such a huge amount of design into such a small area – these guys are absolutely on fire!

Wendy (on the bathroom) I love everything!
Score  25/30

KATIE & ALEX (NSW) Guest bedroom and kitchen
Jamie The kitchen is a little 50’s but I like it.

LLB This is a very elegant, well thought through kitchen.

Wendy  Every box that they’ve ticked has had a bigger, better tick in another bedroom. That’s the reality of this competition.

Score 21/30

SHAYN & CARLY (QLD) Ensuite and lounge room
Jamie The fact that they’ve popped this skylight in and directed the light straight towards the mirror, that’s very clever.

LLB I love that stove – that’s a show-stopper!

Wendy For me this is a lounge room to really relax in. I think they’ve hit the House Rules in their own way.

Score 21/30

PETE & COURTNEY (VIC) Master bedroom, entry and hallway
Jamie (on the hallway) I like that they chose light colours to expand what is one of the smallest hallways I’ve ever walked into.

LLB (on the mix of hallway timbers) I find it kind of jarring. It’s like a whole wood fight.

Wendy (in the master bedroom) I love that they’ve been adventurous with colour, but they’ve chosen the most relaxing shade. You feel cocooned, calm and fresh.
Score 21/30

MIKAELA & ELIZA (WA) Den and laundry
Jamie (on the dog wash) I’ve never seen this and I want one. Right at waist height, It’s perfect.

LLB They (Mikaela & Eliza) have got to get good quick because there are teams in this house that are flying. At the moment, they are dragging themselves.

(on the den) It’s like a really old, cool caravan I think this is quite cool.

Score 18/30




Kitchen and guest bedroom




Bathroom and dining room




Lounge and ensuite




Master bedroom, hallway and entry




Den & laundry



Victorian brothers Tim & Mat and Queenslanders Shayn & Carly hit the big scores. But with bonus points from their early reveal challenge win, Katie & Alex leapfrogged to first place with 34 points. Sisters Mikaela & Eliza finished in last place, sidestepping a week in the tent with  Jo announcing their self-described “botched country” style family home was the next to be renovated.