Jamie And The Nonnas come to 10 on Wednesdays

With The Bachelorette due to wrap next week, 10 has announced Jaime Oliver’s new series Jamie And The Nonnas will take over Wednesday nights.

In order to get to the heart of Italian cooking and unlock its greatest secrets, Jamie Oliver turns to a source more powerful than the mafia: the Italian Nonnas.

From Sicily to Naples and with years of cooking experience behind them, this bunch of Mediterranean matriarchs stir up a bit of magic in 10’s delicious new series, Jamie And The Nonnas.

Jamie will be heading to Italy’s most beloved locations to present you with perfect pasta dishes, succulent slow roasts and sensational seafood…all to accompany your summer Aperol Spritz. Jamie, scenery and unbeatable dishes. Now that, is one spicy meatball.

Jamie And The Nonnas. premieres Wednesday, 21 November At 7.30pm on 10.