Coast Australia returns to History in January

Fantastic news today with Coast Australia returning to our screens in January.

Coast Australia is  presented by internationally renowned historian and television presenter Neil Oliver.  Each one hour episode of season three will showcase a brand new strip of Australia’s vast and colourful coastline, as Neil and his team of co-presenters gather stories about the history, the people, the archaeology, the geography and the marine life of each area, capturing the incredible diversity around the edge of a young nation built on an ancient land.

The regions explored across each state over eight episodes include Port Lincoln, Botany Bay, Portland, South WA, King Island, Newcastle, Far North Queensland and North Kimberley.

In episode one, Coast Australia takes viewers on an exciting journey through Western Australia, travelling along the coastline from Albany all the way to Esperance and uncovering some incredible stories along the way.

Neil Oliver said “Travelling around Australia for Coast has been an intense experience and I’m acutely aware that I’ve had the privilege of seeing more of the continent than most Australians.

“My visits have changed the way I think, underlining to me what a vastly varied planet we live on. And I have to add that no matter how much I see of your country, it always leaves me wanting more! I’ll be back.”

Throughout the series, Neil will again be joined by some of Australia’s leading experts in their field: palaeontologist Professor Tim Flannery, historian Dr Alice Garner, marine ecologist Professor Emma Johnston and landscape architect Brendan Moar.

Also joining the Coast Australia presenting team this season is Australian marine scientist, journalist, filmmaker and global adventurer, Dr Dean Miller.

Coast Australia returns  Monday, January 9 at 7.30pm AEDT, on History.