Bachelorette Ali Packs A Punch.

Last night Ali sent two guys home  as the Bachelorette enters its final weeks.

Proving she is not a woman to be underestimated, Ali puts Charlie, newly named Mister Serious, through the ringer. But can this encounter in the ring deliver him a win at love?

Ali didn’t appreciate Charlie pressuring her for more time during their chat at last night’s cocktail party. She decided to give him what he asked for, but it would be on her terms. This would not be a date. This would be a title-fight and we’ve got our money on the blonde.

Ali intended to counter Charlie’s intensity from the previous evening with an equally intense workout in the boxing ring. Going pound-for-pound, Charlie was surprised that Ali could pack a punch.

Charlie started to show his softer, more fun side and Ali felt by the end of their “nondate”, that they had cleared the air, but was it enough to earn Charlie back his original title of Mister Perfect?

The group date saw the bachelors playing a game of apocalyptic proportions. When asked to get into pairs, Todd was left without a partner which meant he got teamed up with Ali, leaving Charlie less than impressed.

With Ali as the prize, the doomsday challenge saw the bachelor’s competitive streaks well and truly come out.

Osher rushed in to call time on the group date after Charlie and Paddy became overly competitive protecting their stash from Bill and Taite, but not before Ali witnessed the scuffle.

Ali was shocked by Paddy and Charlie’s aggressive approach and since they had the least amount of items, they were not going to be able to enjoy the reward of Ali sleeping over at the mansion.

There has never been so many men in the kitchen at dinner time with the remaining suitors all eager to impress Ali. Taite took the opportunity to ask Ali for a private chat, leaving Bill concerned he had missed his chance.

Under the cover of darkness, and a well-placed blanket, things quickly heated up between Ali and Taite. Taite revealed he didn’t expect to find love when he came in to the mansion, but Ali has made him want love more than anything, which is just as well because she admitted she was “100 percent” falling for him.

At the cocktail party Bill was eager to take Ali aside and headed for the Moroccan lounge for privacy. Charlie was quick to assume that Ali must be wanting to have a heavy conversation with Bill, but little did he know, their conversation was far from heavy, unless he was referring to the hot and heavy kissing that was going on.

At the rose ceremony we said goodbye to Dan and Paddy. On leaving, Paddy said, “Obviously Ali’s not the girl for me, that’s fine, I’m a big boy and I will cop that on the chin. But there is a girl out there for me and I feel that I have a lot to give. The next girl that comes into my life is going to be F.I.T, FIT! That reminds me, my Tinder will be going mental”.