Thorpey’s Eastern Mess G​oes South.

Thorpey’s Eastern Mess G​oes South.

In the fourth elimination of the season, only Nick Riewoldt was safe after winning immunity in the Heston Blumenthal challenge with his roast chicken.   

Today’s challenge was all about time and ingredients, with four different pantries on offer, each pantry revealed in 10 minute increments starting at the 90 minute mark.   

Having to decide what was more important – more time to cook with less ingredients, or less time to cook with more ingredients – the celebrities were feeling the heat.    

After a chaotic cook in the MasterChef kitchen, Rebecca was first to the tasting table, presenting her Anzac wafer and feijoa ice cream. The judges commended her for the flavours, taste and texture and declared she was safe.   

Next up was Archie, and the judges were impressed by his technique but underwhelmed by his mushrooms. Dilruk was confident about his seeni sambol and pol roti but unsure about his last-minute tomato curry, and the judges agreed, his first two elements were delicious, but his tomato side tasted rushed.    

As Collette presented her dish to the judges, she knew she couldn’t have done any better with the time she had. The judges said it was a delicious, homestyle chicken feast, with impeccable flavours.   

The judges were impressed by Tilly’s near-perfect rendition of a sticky date pudding, and it was clear she was safe.   

Thorpey was happy with the presentation of his dish, and when the judges tasted his Eastern mess, a dish inspired by Eaton mess, they commended him on the flavours, but the lack of meringue and rosewater left his future in doubt.   

When it was time to deliver the verdict, the judges revealed it was Thorpey’s dish that had the least redeeming features, meaning it was his time to leave the MasterChef kitchen.   

Disappointed that his time in the MasterChef kitchen had come to an end, Thorpey said: “I’ve had a great time. I’ve had fun. I’ve met a bunch of people that I actually love and enjoy spending time with. I actually love that, and that’s why food is love.”  


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