Sunday Night Apr 2

This weekend Sunday Night has  three stories for our viewing pleasure.

The Three Amigos
Vocal outbursts, uncontrollable swearing, twitching, head shaking, involuntary and repetitive movements and sounds, even momentary paralysis. This is all part of a normal day for young Aussies Adam, James and Cameron. They call themselves The Three Amigos. Best mates living with the bizarre, misunderstood and frustrating neurological disorder, Tourette’s. Their constant tics and uncontrollable outbursts made their lives hell. They would dread catching public transport, going to school, visiting a café, shopping centre or cinema. That is, until they met each other. Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler will introduce Australia to the most inspiring mates, breaking down barriers and helping others to face the world they feared.

Arnie’s Back, baby
He was the ultimate muscleman – with charisma to match. Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired a generation of body builders before he conquered Hollywood. Now he’s got a whole new legion of followers – women who have discovered the joys of pumping iron. And there’s none more dedicated than mother-of-four, Sophie Guidolin. As Denham Hitchcock reports, Sophie never dreamed that one day she’d be out there, on centre stage, strutting her stuff alongside the tanned, taut and terrific.

Murdered in Plain Sight
Two beautiful women, the world’s deadliest poison and a paranoid dictator. It’s a chilling story of espionage and intrigue. The killing of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam is almost out of the pages of a gripping spy novel. Murder doesn’t get more brazen than this. An assassination carried out by two young women inside a major international airport, using a weapon of mass destruction. Sunday Night’s Steve Pennells reports on the very bizarre and very public assassination and speaks to those on the inside.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven