Sisters reveal embarrassing secret

This week the Sisters reveal their secrets on national TV and something tells me this isn’t going to end well.

After a distinctly lukewarm reception to her new image on Farmyard Frank, Roxy (Lucy Durack) searches for another way to take control of her career.

When an opportunity to take part in a highly publicised television interview arises, Julia (Maria Angelico), Edie (Antonia Prebble) and Roxy prepare to face the music together. Roxy sees it as an opportunity to launch a new song, while Julia and Edie have plans of their own. But when the most embarrassing secret of all time is revealed, the sisters will be left speechless, and the whole country will be talking about it.

Overwhelmed by the mounting tide of outrage and anger regarding Julius’ (Barry Otto) actions, Julia embarks on a mission to find the first and last of the Bechly babies. Using a collection of photos from her father’s study, her quest for more answers takes an unexpected turn.

As Tim (Dan Spielman) begins to question his wife’s sexuality, pressure builds on Edie to manage her workplace affair.

Sisters airs 8:30 tonight on Ten