Nigella’s Chocolate Pressure Test ends in a tearful farewell

Greeted by the judges and Nigella in the MasterChef Australia kitchen, Matt explained to Adele, Chloe and Jenny that today’s pressure test was a doozy.

In a row, four cloched dishes were revealed and the trio were told they would be cooking not one, but four of Nigella’s dishes: white chocolate cookie dough pot, milk chocolate brownies, dark chocolate olive oil mousse, and ruby chocolate cheesecake.

The last was spectacular, as it is the first new type of chocolate in 82 years, with a fruity, berry flavour. With only a handful of chocolatiers to have cooked with ruby chocolate around the world, it was a massive surprise and gift for today’s cooking contestants.

With 75 minutes on the clock, Chloe began by reading the recipes thoroughly, circling temperatures and times. She started with the ruby chocolate cheesecake, melting the chocolate while smashing biscuits for the base. The gantry was concerned that Adele was still chopping her ruby chocolate as the other two moved onto pressing their biscuit bases into their tins.

Chloe and Jenny moved onto their cheesecake filling and with 15 minutes already gone, George and Nigella joined the chorus of concern for Adele’s pace.

There was a moment of panic for Jenny when she added olive oil to her chocolate, not concentrating as she failed to turn her digital scales on. Distracted by the error, she left her egg whites to whisk and they became lumpy, forcing her to redo the element.

There was only 13 minutes to go, and with a cookie dough pot which required 10 minutes in the oven, Chloe raced to complete the final dessert. Adele followed shortly afterwards and Jenny was last to get hers in the oven.

When the judges tasted, Chloe excelled with her dishes. Jenny’s cookie pot was undercooked but Adele had forgotten to add white chocolate chips to hers and, in a chocolate challenge, that was enough to send her home.

Since leaving MasterChef Australia, Adele has worked with Dan Myers at Rouge Bar + Bistro. She has also launched Diner By Adele, with the first pop-up in Sydney very soon.