Nick Meets His Leading Ladies

Last Night  Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins met 25 of Australia’s most eligible single women in the highly-anticipated premiere episode of The Bachelor Australia.

As an international rugby player, Nick won a legion of fans on and off the field for his never say die attitude, his charismatic and down to earth nature, and his hilarious true-blue turn of phrase.

Arriving at the Bachelor mansion, Nick was anxious to meet his potential suiters. When asked by host Osher Günsberg if he was nervous, Nick said: “You’ve got 25 good sorts charging out here with a purpose – that’s intimidating!”

Entering the mansion for the first time, the 25 mesmerising Bachelorettes put their best, and even a bare, foot forward to leave a sweet taste in the Honey Badger’s mouth.

Business analyst Renee brought a cake with her to celebrate her 30th birthday, flight attendant Tenille celebrated her Greek heritage by smashing plates with Nick, and Queensland-based energy healer Cayla presented Nick with a giant crystal to help him attract love.

Sultry legal secretary Vanessa Sunshine gave little away when she met Nick for the first time, leaving the Honey Badger unsure as to whether he should be “running or chasing”.

New South Wales student Cassie was stunned to learn Nick was the Bachelor. Flustered, she revealed to her fellow Bachelorettes in the limo that she already knew Nick. When she stepped on to the red carpet, both Cassie and Nick were left speechless.

Once all the Bachelorettes had arrived, champagne flowed at the dazzling cocktail party where Nick spent some valuable one-on-one time with each of the ladies.

Later, Osher sent the Bachelorettes into a frenzy when he introduced the Bachelor Pad key. The key allowed the lucky Bachelorette to visit Nick’s Bachelor pad on one occasion of her choosing, for a special date with Nick.


As the party continued, the Bachelorettes were eager to get some alone time with Nick and get their hands on the highly-coveted Bachelor pad key.



The chemistry between Nick and Queensland property valuer Sophie was undeniable. Sharing a passion for the water, they broke away from the pack to race mini speedboats in the pool.


Upon Sophie’s return, Bali based fashion designer Cat pounced on her, accusing Sophie of recently dating her ex-boyfriend. Flanked by Canberra-based Political Adviser Alisha, Cat confronted Sophie, questioning whether her intentions were pure. In doing so, Cat ruffled a few feathers, with many unimpressed by her mean-girl antics.

As Nick continued to take the eager ladies for one-on-one chats, an eager Cassie watched from the sidelines, desperate to get some coveted one-on-one time with Nick. After shadowing his every move, she managed to get some alone time, where she explained that a relationship with Nick was one of the hopes and dreams she had written in her diary.

With the evening drawing to a close, the ladies scrambled to stand out. South Australian flight attendant Kayla made a splash by taking a cannon-ball dive into the pool but was left out to dry when Nick didn’t appear to notice.

Nick was blown away by Western Australian youth worker and footy tragic Brooke, who charmed the Honey Badger with her down to earth nature and beautiful soul. Nick offered Brooke the first rose of the evening and a key to the Bachelor pad.

At the first rose ceremony of the season, Nick had the challenging task of sending three ladies home. Creative director from Victoria, Urszula, Account Manager from Western Australia Suzie, and digital designer from Victoria Autumn, were left without a rose and said their goodbyes to Nick and their fellow Bachelorettes.

The Bachelor Australia continues tonight when Nick takes to the sky for an extreme first date.