Milly and Karolina exit My Kitchen Rules

After an instant restaurant round full of high scores group 2 finally went to an elimination cook off.

Milly and Karolina faced Veronica and Piper in The MKR Restaurant.  Colin returned to mentor the teams as they served up a three-course meal for the judges and remaining group 1 teams.

Veronica and Piper served up a menu consisting of Entrée: Seared Scallops with Corn Purée and Crispy Potato Main: Lamb Cutlets with Spiced Couscous and Pickled Onions and Dessert: Chocolate Flan

Milly and Karolina’s menu was Entrée: Swordfish with Agrodolce Sauce Main: Short Ribs with Sesame & Chipotle Sauce and Dessert: Traditional Trifle

Their “traditional trifle” was slammed by the experts, with Pete Evans saying the elements were unbalanced.

“My first spoonful it was just cream, I couldn’t escape it … the custard was watery, the sponge was probably the highlight but it wasn’t enough to save this dessert,” he said.

Their total of 69 out of 130 was not enough to beat Veronica and Piper’s 82 points.

Milly: “We tried our best and that’s all we could ask for. It was a dream that turned into a bit of a nightmare but I appreciate the time here. We were the most unlikely pair and I think we formed a friendship; thank you for being my partner.”

Karolina: “Thank you too. I just feel proud that she was my partner.”