Matt & Aly depart My Kitchen Rules

Defence force couple Matt & Aly, QLD (Group 2) faced  Italiano brothers Josh & Nic, NSW (Group 1) in elimination house last night.

Matt and Aly served up a three course meal that included  Entrée: Chicken Liver Parfait Main: Lamb Rack with Parsnip Purée and Beetroot Dessert: Chocolate, Fig & Hazelnut Cake.

Josh and Nic s menu consisted of  Entrée: Trippa alla Calabrese Main: Tagliatelle Salsiccia e Funghi and Dessert Tiramisu.

After 3 rounds Josh and Nic eliminated  Matt and Ally with a score of 141  while the loved up  couple only scored 83.

On their exit  Aly: “I’ve been really proud of how we’ve worked, both with our cooking and with all the pressure” Matt: “We didn’t win MKR but just getting to spend this much time with Aly was a win in itself”