Jacqui Lambie Farewells The Jungle

Polarising ex-pollie Jacqui Lambie bid Australia farewell on last nights episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

The outspoken Tasmanian had us up in arms about her contentious political views, and then sobbing like a toddler when the jungle postman arrived with her letter from home. Nevertheless, the nation has spoken, evicting Ms Lambie out of the camp onto a South African flight back to the Apple Isle.

While Shane Crawford had his camp leader sash revoked in place of Natasha Exelby, world record holder for the most publicly voted trials, Justin Lacko, received a sash and flowers for his achievement.

Natasha’s list of chore allocations didn’t sit well with everyone, especially her appointment of clumsy comedian Tahir Bilgiç as head chef.

Used to five star servings from camp culinary queen, Justine Schofield, the ravenous 12 did not appreciate Tahir’s fully sick comedy routine in place of cooking proficiency.

We don’t know whether she was feeling revengeful because of the demotion, or whether Tahir is just tone deaf, but Justine decided to steal Tahir’s luxury item, a violin.

Katherine Kelly Lang and Justin took part in the third instalment of Sunday Slam, a crazy obstacle course where they had to haul themselves past slips, slides, pits and gigantic boulders to collect 12 stars for camp.

The first week saw Justin’s modelling career at risk over a scratched up nose, and last week Jacqui took a heavy hit to the head that saw her leave in an ambulance. While there wasn’t a casualty this week and the pair smashed it to receive the full 12 stars for camp, KKL did erupt into pre-trial tears and panic.

There was not a dry eye in the house as the celebrities received letters and photographs from their loved ones back home.

While Natasha, Angie Kent, Yvie Jones, Richard Reid and Luke Jacobz all shed a river of tears after hearing from their families, it was tough as nails Jacqui’s emotional reaction to a letter from her father which tugged on the heartstrings of her campmates.

Politically aligned duo Jacqui and Dermott Brereton discussed political issues and their views on former Prime Ministers Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, US President Donald Trump, foreign aid to Indonesia and transgender rights.

Later, Dr Chris Brown and Lady JMO announced Jacqui as the third celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Strongly opinionated, resilient, and not afraid of a challenge or confrontation, Jacqui was paramount to all camp conversations.

Her competitive streak was evident from day dot, when she revelled in being selected as a team leader and got to live on the nice side of camp.

As expected, Jacqui came to several blows with her jungle peers over very different opinions on topics such as capital punishment, refugees and Australia Day. Sam Dastyari also called her out on claims she was the first indigenous parliamentarian.

Jacqui got fired up when speaking to the camp about her long-standing fight with veteran affairs and how she tried to take her own life.

Jacqui competed in three trials, the most memorable being Sunday Slam, where she was hit in the head by a giant boulder and taken away in an ambulance.

Tune in tonight to see Richard get down and dirty in tunnel trial, Bogged Down, and Dr Chris and Julia announce thefourth jungle evictee.