I’m a Celeb full of tests

last night I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! was like all of us at Christmas as it delivered a big episode full of great moments.

Dermott Brereton and Shane Crawford’s bustling bromance is so last week. It’s Angie Kent and Richard Reid’s fast-growing friendship that really stole the show.

Like any good alliance, the duo laughed together and cried together, and so did we at home.

In a chat about who they thought was the friendliest in camp—it was no surprise that Shane, Luke Jacobz and Justine Schofield all made the cut. On the topic of who likes to talk about themselves the most, it was Dermott, Luke, and Jacqui Lambie who came under fire. But they left out Justin

Later, their conversation took a more serious turn, as the pair bonded over loved ones from home.

Angie opened up about losing her grandmother, who she defined as being the leader of the tribe. Shockingly, Angie was one of the first on ground to find her passed. She cited this event as the catalyst for her moving back home, to be with her mother who is still struggling from the loss.

Fighting back tears, Richard spoke about his mother and her battle with depression. Interestingly, he felt that ECT (Electroshock therapy) was instrumental in her recovery and contributed to giving her a better quality of life.

Katherine Kelly Lang and Tahir Bilgiç braved tonight’s grotesque trial, Scrotal Recall.

An obvious play on the 90’s Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall, they replaced the Terminator with testicles…big bull ones.

Sitting on two separate dunk tanks, KKL and Tahir were given 60 seconds to memorise 16 different numbered images on a large game board before they were hidden from them. If the celebrity answered a question correctly, they earned one star/one meal for camp but if they were incorrect, their jungle friend would get a dunk in gunk.

The pair are used to reading lines over a coffee in an air conditioned trailer, so it came as little surprise that both struggled with the memory game tonight. But the final score of three stars didn’t wipe the smiles from their faces, as they returned to camp in high spirits. Their fellow starving contestants weren’t quite as content with their efforts.

First, an enraged Justin put down the defeated duo’s performance, reminding them of his talent at trials and threatening to forfeit dinner.

And lastly, pescatarian Angie was not at all impressed with how cooking queen Justin Schofield dished up her meal of teff

On Sunday, Justin and Katherine will need to gird up their loins as they complete in the infamous Sunday Slam Trial.