House Rules finds its 2018 Grand Finalists

 Dairy Farmers Toad & Mandy and competitive couple Mel & Dave stormed to the Grand Final after a heartfelt reveal last night.

Homeowner Chelsea, joined by host Johanna Griggs, made an emotional return to her renovated house.  After successfully applying for House Rules, Chelsea’s partner Wayde died in a tragic accident 12 months ago. Both joy and sorrow prevailed as Chelsea saw her brand-new home for the first time. Johanna and Chelsea were both in tears as Chelsea acknowledged it was “under such unreal circumstances but it’s so perfect.” Chelsea declared to her daughter Koa: “Daddy would be so proud, wouldn’t he?” Chelsea said: “This is just what we dreamed… he (Wayde) would just be so happy his girls are so looked after.” On the life-changing gift the teams had given her, Chelsea said: “That’s why we applied for House Rules because we knew we would never be able to make this happen. I just want to thank them so much.”

House Rules
Rule 1 Combine coastal cottage with mid-century modern
Rule 2 Use tans, teals and mustards
Rule 3 Create thoughtful spaces for Koa
Rule 4 Include memories of Wayde
Rule 5 Finesse with warm metallics
Bonus Room Rule Be creative with a colourful boho haven

QLD Mel & Dave: (Entry, ensuite, Koa’s bedroom, dining room, laundry and bonus room)

·         Entry: The niche was “clever” said Wendy and the wallpaper answered the house rules, but LLB said the mix of styles “is where it goes a bit wrong for me.”

·         Koa’s room: Wendy was besotted: “Lovely… they have gone girly without it being clichéd.” They admired that it was a space for Koa’s relationship with her dad Wayde and his memory.  LLB said: “It feels fresh and very positive.”

·         Laundry: Wendy and LLB were in love. LLB commented: “I would have babies with this laundry.”

·         Ensuite:  Mixed reviews, with praise from LLB for “stepping outside their comfort zone, but they probably stepped a bit too far with engineering.”

·         Dining: Drew and Wendy agreed when LLB said, “This is a moment where they have slipped up.”

·         Bonus room: (Boho inspired deck) Wendy was concerned it wasn’t practical, but the sense of boho was strong.  LLB called the decorating “exciting and invigorating.” Drew and LLB thought it should be one space and encompass the outdoor dining.

LLB: Pass              WENDY: Pass      DREW: Fail                          OVERALL PASS + 5 points

Score 24/30 +5 =29

NSW Toad & Mandy (Front exterior, master bedroom, bathroom and loungeroom)

·         Exterior: All the judges agreed it was tasteful. LLB said: “This is why we love Toad & Mandy.”

·         Loungeroom: “Clever decorating” according to LLB, but Drew said it felt like a catalogue.

·         Bathroom: Drew said: “It’s perfect.” The feature wall was “stunning,” added Wendy.  They all loved the timber wall screen.

·         Master bedroom: LLB praised the “colour confidence” and the way they curated the memories of Wayde in a “respectful and tactful way.” Drew found some faults with the wall design behind the bed. Wendy didn’t think they were on their best in this room.

Score 24/30


WA Chiara & David: (Hallway, guest bedroom, kitchen, and atrium) 

·         Hallway: The lighting won praise but not the rest of the hallway.

·         Guest bedroom: LLB called it “mid-century modern mixed with drag queen” but Drew thought the room was successful. Wendy said they “couldn’t take a step back and let it go.”

·         Atrium: Not incorporating more of Koa’s space was “a big missed opportunity” to LLB, and Drew agreed.

·         Kitchen:  LLB and Wendy loved the “strong blue” cabinetry. Drew praised the “good plan” of the compact kitchen. It felt “generous, welcoming and loving” for LLB.

Score 20/30

The points from Chelsea’s reveal decided the grand finalists. In dramatic scenes at home base, Chiara & David felt the intense pressure ahead of scoring. Johanna rushed to comfort an emotional David who said, “I’m about to pass out.” before being eliminated from the competition after scoring 20/30 from the judges. Although “devastated” David said: “I’m so grateful we get to go home to our beautiful three kids; we’ve got an amazing renovated home. I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity and what it’s taught us as a couple.”