Baru Mates Break Down In Cartagena.    

Baru Mates Break Down In Cartagena.    

The tables have turned in Cartagena, Colombia as Hubbies Pako and Mori take off in first place. But not for long.

Angel and Frankie arrived at the first Challenge a step ahead to make traditional corn cakes for the local kids.

But Chelsea and Jamus fell victim to not reading their clue again and decided to feed the kids along the way to their final destination, ultimately being sent back to make more corn cakes when their plate was short four.

Heath and Toni smashed the cooking challenge and set off to sell some fruit.

Begging English speaking tourists to purchase the amount they needed to grab their next clue, they headed off to shimmy and shake through a salsa routine.

Finding rhythm with their four left feet, the pair then raced off to find Beau at the Pit Stop.

With teams needing to navigate a marked tunnel to their final destination, it was Pako and Mori who arrived first with Stuart and Glennon struggling with their salsa and getting eliminated from The Race.


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