All Star Family Feud March 18

Before Australia’s favourite Bachelors and Bachelorettes head to paradise, they all have a date with All Star Family Feud.

After missing out on love their first time around, these love-hungry singles are putting their hearts on the line when they take to the tropics soon for Bachelor In Paradise.

But first, they must put love on hold in the name of friendly competition, with the Bachelors facing off against the Bachelorettes on All Star Family Feud.

Team captain Jarrod Woodgate will be joined by Michael Turnbull, Davey Lloyd and Apollo Jackson playing for their chosen charity, Camp Quality.

Laurina Fleure’s team includes Tara Pavlovic, Lisa Hyde and Florence Moerenhout, playing for Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

They are each searching for their top person but who will guess the top answers on the Feud?

All Star Family Feud: Bachelor In Paradise edition airs 7:30pm Sunday on Ten