60 Minutes November 13

This weekend 60 Minutes has the exclusive interview with Gable Tostee.


hey both wanted uncomplicated, fast sex, and hooking up on the dating app Tinder was the perfect way to do it. But when Gable Tostee met Warriena Wright two years ago their night of passion ended in death. Neighbours heard a drunken argument, physical fighting and then a sickening scream as Warriena fell 14 floors from Tostee’s Gold Coast apartment balcony. That was horrific enough, but Tostee’s unusual behaviour, and his apparent disregard for Warriena in the seconds and minutes after she fell, has led to public condemnation of the then 28-year-old playboy. Instead of calling 000 he tried to call his lawyer. Then he left his apartment and wandered around Surfers Paradise before buying and eating a slice of pizza. For two years Tostee has maintained his silence. He refused to be interviewed by police or take the stand during his sensational trial. Last month a Queensland jury acquitted him of Warriena Wright’s murder after they heard an extraordinary piece of evidence: his own smartphone recording of what happened. Now Gable Tostee wants to speak publicly, and in an extraordinary interview with Liam Bartlett, tries to explain his version of events on that terrible night.

Reporter: Liam Bartlett

Producers: Grace Tobin, Nick Greenaway



Jerry Seinfeld is without doubt the world’s most famous comedian. He’s made people laugh for almost 40 years and managed to turn a TV show about nothing into the most successful sitcom in entertainment history. The everyday antics of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer became the stuff of comedy legend around the world. Who could forget the “Puffy Shirt”, the “Soup Nazi” or “The Contest”? In an industry where so few succeed, Seinfeld has managed to make a career and some pretty serious money. But as he tells Liz Hayes, it’s not as easy as it looks, and is in fact an exacting science which demands mountains of research and development. And that probably explains why Jerry Seinfeld is so good at it.

Reporter: Liz Hayes

Producer: Phil Goyen



How’s this for a cutting personality assessment: one of Sting’s own bandmates reckons the singer- songwriter is an egotist, a narcissist and a misanthrope! Ouch. Tara Brown, however, met quite a different 65-year-old rock star in New York. These days, despite being described as being “richer than God”, Sting is happiest at home living a simple life with his wife of 35 years and six children. Of course, on the music front, he’s still working hard and has no plans to retire. In fact he has just released another solo album, but as it races up the charts he’s getting a serious run for his money from an unlikely showbiz competitor – his own daughter.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Steven Burlin

8:30pm Sunday on Nine