Zumbo brings out the kids

It was party time on Zumbo’s Just Desserts  last night as the dessert makers let their imagination run wild.

The nine remaining had to create the ultimate kids party cake for their Sweet Sensations Task. ADRIANO ZUMBO and RACHEL KHOO weren’t the only judges. They called in some tough critics – the Zumbinos, mini Zumbo’s in the making – to taste the kaleidoscope of cake creations.

Instagram cake sensation Amie was named Dessert Maker of the Day for her Under the Sea Lemon and Passionfruit Cake creation. “The kids gave it their thumbs up and so did we,” Rachel said.

While most of the dessert makers came to the party, two creations didn’t fill the judges with wonder with Vicki and Ashley sent to the Zumbo Test.

Vicki’s Vanilla & Lemon Swan Cake was deemed “too plain” by Zumbo. “It needed to be more colourful and playful.” Ashley’s Meringue Marshmallow Cake was considered too one dimensional. “It’s meringue, marshmallow and musk sticks,” Rachel said. “It’s a bit disappointing.”

For the Zumbo Test, they had to recreate a dessert inspired by Zumbo’s childhood. Called Back to School, it featured an edible vintage school desk made of cinnamon crunch, mascarpone legere, apple tatin and vanilla sponge complete with a chocolate pencil, rice paper school notes and a shiny red apple for the teacher.

With three hours on the Dessert Factory clock, Ashley took off like a rocket multi-tasking like crazy. But he was stopped in his tracks after cutting his finger peeling an apple. Running on adrenaline, he kept going after getting it bandaged, only to have the caramel seep from his apple tatin.

Vicki suffered the same drama but managed to catch up but with the clock winding down she could only plate half an apple without the school note.

It was a tight contest but Ashley proved victorious scoring 14/20 to beat Vicki who departed the Dessert Factory with 10 points. “I love the sponge,” Zumbo said to Ashley. “It was beautiful and airy.”

Sydney technical writer, Vicki, is still baking and building up a clientele via social media. “I’ve done the best I could do and I’m really proud of where I’ve come and for taking this risk and challenging myself,” she said.

The wait is over! The day dessert stops the nation is here. Tonight at 7.30pm Zumbo unveils his jaw-dropping gravity defying creation – his floating Willy Wonka hat.