Who are the Bachelorettes after Matty’s Heart

After months of intense media speculation, Network Ten is delighted to reveal the 22 Bachelorettes who hope to find love with Bachelor Matty J in the spectacular new season of The Bachelor Australia.

Ranging in age from 23 to 34 and hailing from all over the country, this year’s Bachelorettes are a diverse group of characters with one thing in common: a passion to find “the one”.

Bachelor Matty J opens the doors of the Bachelor mansion to welcome this select group of ladies on their romance journey of a lifetime. Through a series of cocktail parties and breathtakingly memorable dates, they will discover who has the chemistry, intelligence, sense of adventure and charm to be Matty’s perfect woman.

Meet the Bachelorettes who are vying for Matty’s heart:

Victoria has delivered seven ladies in brand manager Florence, criminal lawyer Laura-Ann, architecture student Leah, model Lisa, medical receptionist Monica, wedding planner Sharlene and office administrator Simone.

Asked why she wanted to be a part of The Bachelor Australia, Lisa said: “I think it will be a fun experience and an opportunity to put myself out there in a way that I never thought I would. It’s a new and exciting way to meet someone.”

Body painter Alix, property manager Elizabeth, fitness trainer Elora, marketing manager Jennifer and accessories designer Laura are the five Bachelorettes from NSW.

Another five beauties hail from Queensland: gymnastics coach Akoulina, love coach Belinda, coal plant operator Cobie, gym instructor Stacey and nanny Tara. On her idea of a perfect date, kid-at-heart Tara said: “A day at Movie World followed by drink, dinner and a dance.”

Police officer Michelle and midwife Natalie are South Australia’s Bachelorettes and representing the West are marketing executive Elise, retail assistant Sian and safety administrator Stephanie.

Impatiently awaiting the Bachelorettes’ arrivals, Matty tells host Osher Gunsberg: “At the moment I’m full of anticipation. I’m a little bit nervous, but I like to think of myself as being pretty positive and optimistic. Maybe it’s being too optimistic, but I really do think that I’m going to fall in love here.”

The Bachelor Australia promises another extraordinary season filled with drama, humour, adventure and romance that captivates Australian viewers, as the country follows Matty’s journey to find love.

The Bachelor Australia  begins 7:30pm Wednesday on Ten